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Resolution and memory

The number of photos and videos you can store depends on the resolution or MP (megapixel) value used and video length.

High-resolution photos and videos take up more memory, so keep in mind that a lower resolution can be suitable for everyday use.

Check the memory status from time to time. When the memory is full, you can transfer photos and videos to another storage device to free up memory. See Backing up and synchronizing with a Google account .

Choose whether to store photos and videos on your device’s internal storage or on an SD card using the Data storage option in the camera settings menu.

To change the resolution

  1. When using the camera, tap (Settings icon).
  2. Tap Still image size or Video size.
  3. Select the resolution and close the settings menu. The setting is saved for the selected capturing mode.


You can set the resolution separately for each capturing mode.

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On your Xperia™ device, go to Settings > About phone/tablet > Model number
On your Xperia™ device, go to Settings > About phone/tablet > Model number