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    Making calls

    You can make a call by manually dialing a phone number, by tapping a number saved in your contacts list, or by tapping the phone number in your call log view. You can also use the smart dial function to quickly find numbers from your contacts list and call logs by entering part of a contact number or name and selecting from the suggestions that appear. To make a video call, you can use the Hangouts™ instant messaging and video chat application on your device. See Instant Messaging and Video Chat.

    Making calls on Sony smartphone

    1 View more options
    2 Delete number
    3 Dialpad
    4 Call button for SIM2
    5 Call button for SIM1

    To Open the Dialpad

    1. From your Homescreen, tap Icn sony home apptray normal.
    2. Find and tap Icn sony app dialer.
    3. If the dialpad does not appear, tap Icn sony call dialpad pressed.

    To dial a phone number

    1. Open the dialpad.
    2. Enter the phone number, then select a SIM card.


    To delete a number entered by mistake, tap Icn sony delete phone number blk.

    To make a call using the smart dial function

    1. Open the dialpad.
    2. Enter letters or numbers that correspond to the contact you want to call. As you enter each letter or number, a list of possible matches appears.
    3. Tap the contact that you want to call.
    4. Select a SIM card.

    To make an international call

    1. Open the dialpad.
    2. Touch and hold 0 until a “+” sign appears.
    3. Enter the country code, area code (without the initial zeros) and phone number, then select a SIM card.

    To Add a Direct Dial Number to Your Homescreen

    1. Touch and hold an empty area on your Homescreen until the device vibrates and the customization menu appears.
    2. In the customization menu, tap Widgets > Shortcuts.
    3. Scroll through the list of applications and select Direct dial.
    4. Select the contact and the number that you want to use as the direct dial number.

    Showing or hiding your phone number

    You can select to show or hide your phone number on call recipients' devices when you call them.

    To show or hide your phone number

    1. From the Homescreen, tap Icn sony home apptray normal.
    2. Find and tap Settings > Call.
    3. Select a SIM card.
    4. Tap Additional settings > Caller ID.
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