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Application overview

Icn sony app alarm

Use the Alarm and clock application to set various kinds of alarms.

Icn sony app chrome

Use your web browser to navigate and view web pages, manage bookmarks, and manage text and images.

Icn sony app calculator

Use the Calculator application to perform basic calculations.

Icn sony app calendar

Use the Calendar application to keep track of your events and manage your appointments.

Icn sony app camera

Use the camera to take photos and record video clips.

Icn sony app phonebook

Use the Contacts application to manage phone numbers, email address and other information related to your contacts.

Icn sony app downloads

Access your downloaded applications.

Icn sony app email

Use the Email application to send and receive emails through both private and corporate accounts.

Icn sony app gallery

Use the Album application to view and to work with your photos and videos.

Icn sony app gmail

Use the Gmail™ application to read, write and organize email messages.

Icn sony app google search

Search for information in your device and on the web.

Icn sony app google maps

View your current location, find other locations, and calculate routes using Google Maps™.

Icn sony app market place

Go to Google Play™ to download free and paid applications for your device.

Icn sony app movies

Use the Movies application to play videos in your device and share content with your friends.

Icn sony app music player

Use the "WALKMAN" application to organize and play music, audio books and podcasts.

Icn sony app weather

View news stories and weather forecasts.

Icn sony app qriocity

Use the Video Unlimited application to rent and purchase videos.

Icn sony app settings viv

Optimize settings to suit your own requirements.

Icn sony app google talk

Use the Hangouts™ application to chat with friends online.

Icn sony help viv

Use the Help application to read Get started guide and User guide, get to know icon glossary, view your usage and customize your features of Verizon mobile, and watch help videos and other product-related information.

Icn sony app youtube

Use YouTube™ to share and view videos from around the world.

Icn sony app update center

Download and install new applications and updates.


Some applications are not supported by all networks and/or service providers in all areas.

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