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Charging your device

You can charge your device with either a wireless charger or a wired charger from a wall socket or computer. You can still use your device while charging.

If the battery is depleted, it may take up to 30 minutes for your device to respond to the charging. During this time, the screen may remain completely dark, not showing the charging icon. It can take up to 4 hours for a completely drained battery to be fully charged. Charging speed may be affected by ambient temperature.

Your device has an embedded, rechargeable battery that can only be replaced by an authorised Sony repair centre. Never try to open or take apart the device yourself. Doing so can cause damage and void your warranty.

Wired charging

Always use the original Sony charger and a USB Type-C cable intended for your specific Xperia model, as other types of chargers can increase charging time, not charge at all, or may even damage your device.

Make sure all USB ports and connectors are completely dry before inserting the USB Type-C cable. If water is detected, a warning notification appears in the Notification panel.

Wireless charging

You can purchase a Sony or third party brand wireless charger to charge your device wirelessly.

If you use your device while charging, the charging speed may become slower or even stop to protect the battery. The use of some applications while charging may disable charging or affect the charging function. For example using the camera during wireless charging may cause static noise on the image.

Make sure to remove any screen or phone covers when using the wireless charging function.

Note the following:

  • Do not put any metal parts between the device and the charger, due to risk of heat injury.

  • Do not put any credit cards on the charger, as they may be demagnetized or broken.

If your device is incorrectly placed on the wireless charger, charging time will increase significantly.

To charge your device with a USB cable

Charging the device

  1. Connect one end of the USB Type-C cable to the charger (or to the USB port of a computer).
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the USB Type-C port on your device. The notification light illuminates when charging begins.
  3. When the device is fully charged, disconnect the cable from your device by pulling it straight outwards. Make sure not to bend the connector.

It is important to use a USB Type-C cable (provided), as other types of USB cables can damage your device.

If the battery is completely depleted, it may take a few minutes before the notification light illuminates and the charging icon appears.

To charge your device with a wireless charger

Wireless charging

  1. Place your device on the wireless charger according to the charger's instructions. The wireless charging coil on the backside of your device must be in contact with the charger for charging to work. See Overview.
  2. When charging begins, the notification light illuminates and the charging icon appears on-screen.
  3. When your device is fully charged, remove it from the wireless charger.

Battery notification light status

Green Battery is charging, charge level is greater than 90%
Orange Battery is charging, charge level is 15–90%
Red Battery is charging, charge level is less than 15%
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