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    Finding the IMEI number(s) of your device

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    Your device has one or two unique identification numbers that are referred to as IMEI or Product ID. You should keep a copy of this. You may require it if your device is stolen or when contacting support.

    Dual SIM devices only: Your device has two IMEI numbers, one for each SIM card slot.

    To view your IMEI number(s) using the dialpad

    1. Find and tap Dialer icon.
    2. Tap Call dialpad icon.
    3. Enter *#06# into the dialpad. The IMEI number(s) are displayed automatically.

    To view your IMEI number(s) on the label strip

    Viewing the IMEI numbers

    1. Drag out the SIM/Memory card tray.
    2. Drag the strip outward using your fingernail. The strip displays the IMEI number(s).

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