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    New features in Android™ 9

    Android 9 Pie contains several new features. The following are some of the major changes after updating your device to Android 9 .

    The new Android 9 features are not included in this Xperia XA2 Ultra User guide. Some features and screenshots might differ from the contents of this User guide after updating your device to Android 9 .


    Switch between photo and video mode

    You can switch between photo and video mode by simply swiping left or right on the camera screen.

    Switching between the photo and video modes

    Tap the mode icon to select camera features

    You can select Manual mode or camera apps such as AR effect , Creative effect , or Panorama , by tapping the mode icon on the camera screen.

    Tapping the mode icon

    Access the camera settings from the camera screen

    You can access camera settings such as self-timer, aspect ratio, color, and brightness straight from the camera screen.

    Camera settings

    Other updated features

    Customize the Do not disturb settings

    You can customize the settings for Do not disturb in an easier way than before. Options such as Notifications and Exceptions have been added to the settings menu.

    Do not disturb settings

    Adjust the volume in an easy way

    You can adjust the selected media volume by pressing the volume key, or turn the volume on or off by tapping the volume icon. You can also tap the volume icon to turn the ring or notification volume on or off, or set the device to vibrate.

    Adjusting the volume

    Get easy access to frequently used Settings items

    You can access frequently used Settings items such as Display and System at the top of the screen. Other Settings items have been moved to Advanced .

    Accessing setting items

    Access your user account settings

    You can now access the user account settings menu from a slightly different location in Settings , just as easy as before. Find and tap Settings > System > Advanced > Multiple users .

    Multiple user account settings

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