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    Screen settings

    Arrow left Xperia XA1 support overview

    You can change the screen’s brightness, quality, viewing size, and behavior. For example, select a bigger font or display size for easier reading or change the icons you see in the status bar.

    If you want to change your background and theme, see Background and themes. To change how long you want to have the screen on before it is turned off, see Turning the screen on or off.

    To change a screen setting

    1. Find and tap Settings > Display.
    2. Tap the setting you want to change.
    3. Use the sliders, checkboxes, or additional menus to adjust.


    Adjust the brightness level with the slider. You can also enable Adaptive brightness to automatically optimize brightness based on surrounding light.

    White balance

    Use the sliders to adjust the white balance of your display. To revert to the default setting, tap Menu icon.

    Image enhancement

    Enhance the quality of photos and videos when viewing them on your device. For example, use Super-vivid mode to make colors appear more vibrant on screen.

    Screen rotation

    Set the screen to rotate automatically when the device is turned, or set it to stay in portrait view.

    Screen saver

    Set up a screen saver that automatically displays colors, photos, or a slideshow while your device is docked or charging and the screen is idle. On a device with multiple users, each user can have individual screen saver settings.

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