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    Synchronizing with Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®

    Synchronizing with Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®

    If your company uses a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account, you can access your corporate email messages, calendar appointments, and contacts directly on your device. After setup, you can find your information in the Email, Calendar and Contacts applications.


    If you have set up a Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® (EAS) account on your Xperia™ device, the EAS security settings may limit the lockscreen type to only a PIN or password. This occurs when your network administrator specifies a lockscreen type for all EAS accounts for enterprise security reasons. Contact the network administrator of your company or organization to check what network security policies are implemented for cellular devices.

    To set up an EAS account for synchronization

    1. From your Home screen, tap Icn sony home apptray normal.
    2. Tap Settings > Accounts & sync > Add account > Exchange ActiveSync.
    3. Enter your corporate email address and password.
    4. Tap NEXT. If a failure occurs, enter the domain and server details for your account manually and then tap NEXT.
    5. Tap OK to allow your corporate server to control your device.
    6. Select a synchronization method, a synchronization interval and the data that you want to sync with your device.
    7. Tap NEXT, then select how you want to be notified when a new email arrives.
    8. Tap NEXT, enter a name for the corporate account, then tap Finish setup.
    9. If prompted, activate the device administrator to allow your corporate server to set certain security rules on your device, such as disabling voice recording and using storage encryption.

    To Remove an EAS Account

    1. From your Home screen, tap Icn sony home apptray normal > Settings > Accounts & sync.
    2. Tap Exchange ActiveSync, then select the EAS account you want to remove.
    3. Tap Icn sony key menu, then tap Remove account.
    4. Tap REMOVE ACCOUNT again to confirm.
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