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General camera settings

Capturing modes overview

You can choose from a range of capturing modes. Simply swipe up or down on the camera screen to switch between them.

Manual cam mode icon


Manually adjust camera settings like resolution and white balance.

Superior auto cam mode icon

Superior auto

Optimize your settings to suit any scene.

Record video icon

Video camera

Manually adjust video settings to suit any scene.

Camera apps menu icon

Camera apps

Download camera applications manually.

To learn more about how to take better photos, read the article.

Downloading Camera Applications

You can download free or paid camera applications from Google Play™ or other sources. Before you start downloading, make sure you have a working internet connection, preferably over ‎Wi-Fi to limit data traffic charges.

Auto face detection

The camera automatically detects faces and indicates them with frames. The face selected for focus is indicated by a colored frame, closest to the center. To focus on a different face, tap one of the other frames.


Turn on auto-capturing to take pictures automatically using one of the options below.

Smile Shutter Use Smile Shutter™ technology to photograph a face just as it smiles. The camera detects up to five faces and selects one face for smile detection and auto focus. When the selected face smiles, the camera automatically takes a photo.
Off When auto-capturing is off, you can take photos using the shutter button.

To take a photo using Smile Shutter™

  1. Activate the camera.
  2. Tap Settings icon.
  3. Find and tap Auto capturing > Smile Shutter.
  4. Point the camera at your subject. The camera selects which face to focus on.
  5. The face appears inside a colored frame and the photo is taken automatically as soon as a smile is detected.
  6. If no smile is detected, press the shutter button to take the photo manually.

Touch capture

With Touch capture, simply tap anywhere on the camera screen to take a photo.


Tap the screen to take a photo.


When Touch capture is off, you can take photos using the shutter button.

Auto Photo/Video Preview

You can choose to preview photos or videos just after you shoot them.

On After you shoot a photo or a video, a preview of it appears in the lower-right corner of the screen for 3 seconds.
Off The photo or video is saved after you shoot it, and no preview appears.

Use Volume Key as

You can choose how you want to use the volume key when taking photos.

Zoom Use the volume key to zoom in or out.
Volume Use the volume key to adjust the volume of notifications and music.
Shutter Use the volume key to take photos.


When you take a photo or start recording a video, the camera makes a shutter sound. If you use the self-timer, it will make a series of beeps to mark the countdown. You can choose to turn these sounds on or off.

Data storage

You can choose to save your data either to a removable SD card or to your device's internal storage.

Internal storage Photos or videos are saved on the device memory.
SD card Photos or videos are saved on the SD card.

Grid Lines

You can use grid lines as a visual aid while shooting to help you find the right composition for your photo.

Grid lines are only shown on the camera screen while shooting and do not appear in the final photo.

To Adjust Color and Brightness

  1. Activate the camera.
  2. Tap Settings icon > Color and brightness.
  3. Drag the sliders to the desired positions to adjust color and brightness.

This setting is only available in the Superior auto and Video camera modes.

White balance and exposure

White balance, which is only available in Manual capturing mode, adjusts the color balance according to the lighting conditions. You can also adjust the exposure manually in the -2.0 EV to +2.0 EV range. For example, you can increase the image brightness or decrease the overall exposure by tapping the plus or minus controls accordingly when White balance icon is displayed. Focus and shutter speed can be set for either manual or automatic adjustment.

White balance

Auto white balance icon


Adjust the color balance automatically.

Incandescent white balance icon


Adjust the color balance for warm lighting conditions, such as under light bulbs.

Fluorescent white balance icon


Adjust the color balance for fluorescent lighting.

Daylight white balance icon


Adjust the color balance for sunny outdoor conditions.

Cloudy white balance icon


Adjust the color balance for a cloudy sky.

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