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Wearing instructions

Check relevant laws and regulations on the use of mobile phones, transmitting devices and earphones before using this device while operating a vehicle or riding a bicycle. Always give your full attention to operating your vehicle or bicycle and the surroundings.

To wear the main units for the first time, follow these steps.

To wear your Xperia Ear Duo

Xperia Ear Duo wearing instruction
  1. Hold the main unit (R) with your left hand.
  2. Gently pull down your right earlobe with your right hand.
  3. Sliding the main unit behind your ear, insert the ring supporter into your ear as shown in the illustration. Adjust the ring supporter so it fits comfortably in your ear.
  4. Insert the main unit (L) in the left ear in the same procedure.

    Make sure no hair is caught between the proximity sensor window and your ear. If the proximity sensor is covered, it cannot function properly.

To change the ring supporter

Xperia Ear Duo ring supporter
  1. Choose the ring supporter size that fits stably and comfortably in your ear.
  2. To remove the ring supporter, hold the main unit tightly and push the ring supporter straight backward.
  3. To attach the ring supporter, align the convex part of the main unit with the concave part of the ring supporter.
  4. When attaching, cover the hook A with the rubber of the ring supporter as shown in the illustration. Make sure not to tear the ring supporter.

When removing, do not forcibly pull or twist the ring supporter, as this can damage or tear it. When attaching, check the right/left markers on the ring supporters and main units to be sure they are matched correctly.

Caring for your Xperia Ear Duo and your skin

To help avoid skin irritation, clean your Xperia Ear Duo regularly. Remove and rub the ring supporter with a dry cloth.

If you start to experience skin irritation or an allergic reaction, stop wearing your Xperia Ear Duo. Contact your physician if symptoms persist.

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