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    Notifications inform you of events such as new messages and calendar notifications as well as activities in progress such as file downloads. Notifications appear in the following places:

    • The status bar
    • The notification panel
    • The lock screen
    • The app icon

    To open or close the Notification panel

    Image of opening or closing the notification panel by dragging the upper area of the screen.

    1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Notification panel.
    2. Drag or swipe the Notification panel upwards to close it.


    After opening the Notification panel, you can access the Quick settings panel by dragging the status bar down again.

    To dismiss a notification from the Notification panel

    • Swipe the notification left or right.


    Not all notifications can be dismissed.


    To snooze a notification, drag the notification slowly to the side and tap (Snooze icon). Notifications can be snoozed for 15, 30 minutes or 1 or 2 hours.

    To clear all notifications from the Notification panel

    • Tap Clear all.


    If there is a long list of notifications, scroll down to find the Clear all button.

    To select the notifications to display on the lock screen

    1. Find and tap Settings > Apps & notifications > Configure notifications.
    2. Tap Show notifications.
    3. Select and edit the settings as desired.

    To set the notification level for an app

    1. Find and tap Settings > Apps & notifications.
    2. Select the desired app, then tap Notifications.
    3. Tap the switches to adjust notification settings as desired.

    To block an application from sending notifications

    1. Find and tap Settings > Apps & notifications.
    2. Select the desired application, then tap Notifications.
    3. Tap the Show notifications switch to block application notifications.

    Notification light

    The notification light informs you about battery status and some other events. The notification light is enabled by default but can be disabled manually.

    Diagram of the position of the notification LED in the upper left area in the front view.


    When the notification light is disabled, it only lights up when there is a battery status warning, for example, when the battery level goes below 15 percent.

    To enable or disable the notification light

    1. Find and tap Settings > Apps & notifications > Configure notifications.
    2. Tap Use LED light to show incoming notifications switch to enable or disable the function.
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