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    Assembly - Dual SIM

    Arrow left Xperia 10 support overview

    Your device only supports nano SIM cards. Dual SIM devices support the use of either two nano SIM cards or a nano SIM card and a memory card.

    Dual SIM devices are not available in all markets or from all operators.

    For information on how to check if your device is Single SIM or Dual SIM, see Finding the IMEI number(s) of your device.


    To prevent data loss, make sure you turn off your device or unmount the memory card before you drag out the holder to remove the nano SIM card (or cards) or memory card from the device.

    To insert either two nano SIM cards or a nano SIM card and a memory card

    Diagram of inserting SIM cards and a memory card into the slots.  Upper right side in rear view, placing the main SIM card on the upper tray and a memory card or secondary SIM card on the lower tray.


    Do not cut your SIM card, as this may damage your device.

    1. Drag out the SIM and memory card trays.
    2. Place the main SIM card securely in position for SIM1.
    3. Place either the second SIM card (SIM2) or the memory card securely in the tray, in the correct orientation.
    4. Gently push the trays back into the slots until they fit into place.

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