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    Icons in the status bar

    Status icons

    (Signal strength icon)

    The mobile network mode is also displayed when sending and downloading mobile data.

    (No signal icon)

    (Data roaming icon)

    (Wi-Fi signal icon) A Wi-Fi connection is enabled and data is being transmitted

    (Wi-Fi connection error icon) A Wi-Fi connection is enabled but there is no internet connection.

    This icon also appears when you are trying to connect to a secured Wi-Fi or captive portal network. After a successful login, the cross mark disappears.

    If Google is blocked in your area, the cross mark may appear even when the device is connected to a network and there is a Wi-Fi working internet connection.

    (Battery status icon)

    (Charging battery icon)

    (Airplane mode icon)

    (Microphone muting icon)

    (Speakerphone icon)

    (Do not disturb icon)

    (Muting icon)

    (Vibrate icon)

    (Alarm icon)

    (GPS icon)


    Depending on your service provider, network, or region, the functions or services represented by some icons in this list may not be available.

    Notification icons

    (New SMS icon)

    (Ongoing call icon)

    (Missed call icon)

    (Phone call on hold icon)

    (Call forward icon) Single SIM device: Call forwarding is turned on

    (Call forward icon) Dual SIM device: Call forwarding is turned on

    (New voicemail icon)

    (New email icon)

    (Downloading data icon)

    (Uploading data icon)

    (Software setup icon) A basic setup of your device is available

    (Install latest software icon) A software update is available

    (System update icon) System updates are available

    (Downloading system update icon)

    (Installing downloaded system update icon)

    (STAMINA mode icon)

    (Ultra STAMINA mode icon)

    (Battery Care icon)

    (Dynamic Vibration icon)

    (Screenshot icon) Screenshot captured

    (Duo video chat icon) Video chat with friends using Duo application

    (Music playing icon) A song is playing

    (USB icon) The device is connected to a computer via a USB cable

    (Side sense icon) Side sense description is available

    (More notifications icon) More undisplayed notifications


    Not all icons that may appear on your device are listed here. This list is for reference purposes only, and changes may be made without notice.

    To block an application from sending notifications

    1. Find and tap Settings > Apps & notifications.
    2. Select the desired application, then tap Notifications.
    3. Tap the Show notifications switch to block application notifications.
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