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    Cinema Pro

    Cinema Pro is an application powered by Sony's digital motion picture camera technology. You can create your ideal videos by configuring professional parameters and color settings.

    To launch Cinema Pro

    • Find and tap (Cinema Pro icon).

    Cinema Pro home screen

    Image showing where each parameter is located on the Cinema Pro application screen. Upper left area, 1. Upper right area, 2. Center right area, 3. Bottom area from right to left, 4 to 9.


    Orange parameters are adjustable.

    1 Viewfinder
    2 Project settings – Tap (Add icon) to create a new project. Parameters will affect the ambience of the entire project and video clips that belong to the project. The project settings cannot be changed unless you create a new project.
    3 Clip settings – Parameters are adjustable for each video clip.
    4 Tap to start or stop recording.
    5 Tap to capture the current frame as a still image.
    6 Tap to show the 16:9 white frame in the 21:9 viewfinder.
    7 Tap to view video clips or still images. You can capture a still image from the video by tapping (Edit video icon) while playing.
    8 Tap All files and find clips in the current project. Then, tap (Navigate up button) and switch screens to find clips and videos in other projects, final films, or files in Album. Tap (Back button) to return to the Cinema Pro home screen.
    9 Status indications

    To combine clips and watch a film

    1. While using the Cinema Pro application, tap All files to display a list of clips in a project.
    2. Tap (More icon) > Create final film.
    3. Tap the clips in the order in which you want to combine them. Then, tap Create.
    4. To watch the created film, tap (Go to main screen icon).
    5. Tap Final films, and then tap the film that you created.
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