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    The submitted user age info has been reset in Lifelog

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    To prepare for upcoming legal requirements and to adjust incorrect input (for example negative age values such as the birth date 1/1/2022), the submitted user age information has been reset for all Lifelog users. This simply means that the age information you have previously filled in has been removed and that the birth year submitted in the app has been reset to 1972. This change should have no significant impact on the functioning of Lifelog or your activities history. The change is valid for Lifelog version 3.0.A.4.40 and onward.

    How do I change my age in Lifelog?

    It is currently not possible to change your age in Lifelog without creating a new account using the latest version of the app. Users with pre-existing accounts are currently not able to change their age in the Lifelog app. Our future aim is to provide a solution that enables all Lifelog users to change their age from the 1972 default. 

    What should I do?

    Please update to the latest version of Lifelog and continue to update to the latest app version as soon as new software is released.
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