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    Setting your device to move around

    The Smart Bluetooth® Speaker has two action settings that control how it responds by movement to your voice or to music. The default action setting is React to Voice. When this setting is enabled, your Smart Bluetooth® Speaker reacts to voice commands and makes small movements. If you want the Smart Bluetooth® Speaker to dance in time to music, you can enable the Dance with music setting. Each dance routine to music lasts a maximum of 7 minutes. Both action settings can be enabled at the same time.

    To enable movement actions

    1. Android device: Open the Smart Bluetooth® Speaker application.
    2. Tap SETTINGS > Action.
    3. Select React to Voice or Dance with music, or both, depending on your preferred action, then drag the slider beside the desired action to the ON position.
    4. Tap TURN ON.


    Before you enable a movement action, make sure that no USB cable is connected. For other usage tips, see Guidelines for using the "Dance with music" action.

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    On your Xperia™ device, go to Settings > About phone/tablet > Model number