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    Why do I need a Google™ account?

    Your Xperia™ device from Sony runs on the Android™ platform developed by Google™. A range of Google™ applications and services is available on your device when you purchase it, for example, Gmail™, Google Maps™, YouTube™ and the Play Store™ application, which gives you access to the Google Play™ online store for downloading Android™ applications. To get the most out of these services, you need a Google™ account. For example, a Google™ account is mandatory if you want to:
    • Download and install applications from Google Play™.
    • Synchronise email, contacts and the calendar using Gmail™.
    • Chat with friends using the Hangouts™ application.
    • Synchronise your browsing history and bookmarks using the Google Chrome™ web browser.
    • Identify yourself as the authorised user after a software repair using Xperia™ Companion.
    • Remotely find, lock or clear a lost or stolen device using the my Xperia™ or Android™ Device Manager services.

    For more information about Android™ and Google™, go to


    It is crucial that you remember your Google™ account username and password. In some situations, you may need to identify yourself for security reasons using your Google™ account. If you fail to give your Google™ username and password in such situations, your device is locked. Also, if you have more than one Google™ account, make sure to enter the details for the relevant account.

    To set up a Google™ account on your device

    1. From your Pantalla de inicio, tap Icn sony home apptray normal.
    2. Find and tap Ajustes > Cuentas > Añadir cuenta > Google.
    3. Follow the registration wizard to create a Google™ account, or sign in if you already have an account.


    You can also sign in to or create a Google™ account from the setup guide the first time you start your device. Or you can go online and create an account at

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