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    Adding geographical positions to your photos

    Arrow left Xperia™ Z3 Tablet Compact support overview

    Enable the Save location function to add the approximate geographical location to photos when you take them. The geographical location is determined by wireless networks and/or GPS technology.

    When Icn sony statusbar gps on appears on the camera screen, Saving location is turned on but the geographical position has not been found. When Icn sony camera geotag on appears, Saving location is turned on and the geographical location is available, so the geographical location can be added to your photo. When neither of these two symbols appears, Saving location is disabled.

    To turn on geotagging

    1. From your Home screen, tap Icn sony and app tray tablet.
    2. Tap Settings > Location.
    3. Tap the on-off switch.
    4. Activate the camera.
    5. Tap Icn sony menu settings l.
    6. Tap More > Save location. Drag the slider to the right.

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