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    Do not disturb mode

    Arrow left Xperia X Compact support overview

    You can set your device to Do not disturb mode and decide how long your device will be in Do not disturb mode manually. You can also preset when your device will be in Do not disturb mode automatically.

    To activate Do not disturb mode

    1. Using two fingers, drag the status bar fully downwards to access the Quick settings panel.
    2. Tap to turn on Do not disturb.
    3. For more options, tap the setting name below and select a setting. You can also set a time limit as desired.
    4. Tap DONE.

    To quickly shift between Do not disturb/Vibrate/Sound mode

    1. Press the volume key up or down until , or appears.
    2. Tap or to quickly shift between Vibrate/Sound mode. To activate Do not disturb mode, press the volume key down when in vibrate mode.

    To schedule Do not disturb mode time intervals

    1. Find and tap Settings > Sound > Do not disturb.
    2. Select from the rules under Automatic rules, or tap to add a new rule.
    3. Choose a rule type.
    4. Enter the desired name for the rule, then tap OK.
    5. Select the settings for the rule you have created. For a Time rule, you can select the days and time. For an Event rule, you can select an event from your calendar to synchronise with.

    Setting exceptions for Do not disturb mode

    You can select which types of notifications are allowed to sound in Do not disturb mode and you can filter exceptions based on who the notifications come from. The most common types of exceptions include:
    • Events and reminders
    • Calls
    • Messages
    • Alarms

    To associate exceptions with specific contact types

    1. Find and tap Settings > Sound > Do not disturb > Allowed in Priority only.
    2. Tap Calls or Messages.
    3. Select an option.

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