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    The projected screen is blurred or hard to read

    The quality of the projected screen depends on the usage environment, such as lighting conditions and the properties of the projection surface.

    • Do not place the device or project the screen in direct sunlight or strong fluorescent light. This may have a negative impact on the projected image as well as on the touchscreen functionality.
    • Do not project the image on a glossy surface such as a glass or metal table top or wall.
    • Make sure that the projection window is clean, and that you have removed the protective film designed to protect the projection window during shipping.
    • If you are projecting onto a wall, make sure that there is no obstacle between the laser auto focus sensor and the projection surface. The laser auto focus sensor is located on the bottom panel of the device.
    • If you move the device during projection, make sure that projection temporarily stops to let the device refocus after being moved. To stop projection, lift the device a little bit when you move it. You can also press the power key briefly to deactivate the screen before moving the device and to activate the screen again when you’re done.
    • Adjust the focus of your device manually.

      To adjust the focus manually

      1. Find and tap .
      2. Tap Focus settings .
      3. Make sure that Auto focus is disabled by tapping the slider.
      4. To set the focus, tap or .
      5. Tap Save .
      6. To cancel the settings, tap Cancel .

      To reset the focus to factory default, enable Auto focus.

    • If you are projecting on an uneven surface, adjust the device to correct image distortion.

      To correct image distortion

      1. Find and tap .
      2. Tap Keystone correction .
      3. To adjust the projected screen, use the trapezium icons.
      4. Tap Save .
      5. To cancel the settings, tap Cancel .
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    On your Xperia™ device, go to Settings > About phone/tablet > Model number
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    On your Xperia™ device, go to Settings > About phone/tablet > Model number