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    Location services and sources

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    Use your device to find out where you are. There are two methods, or sources: GPS satellites and wireless networks. Enable the wireless networks option (Wi-Fi and mobile networks) if you only need your approximate location, and want it fast. If you want a more exact position, and have a clear view of the sky, enable the GPS satellites option. In situations where the wireless network connection is weak, you should enable both options to ensure that your location is found. Both options are activated by default when you enable location services.

    NoteSony does not warrant the accuracy of any location services including but not limited to navigational services.

    To enable location services

    1. Drag the status bar downwards, then tap Icn sony menu settings.
    2. Tap Location services.
    3. Drag the slider beside Access to my location to the right.
    4. Tap Agree twice to confirm.
    NoteWhen you enable location services, both GPS satellites and Google's location service (Wi-Fi and mobile networks) get enabled by default. You can disable either option manually.

    To allow Google apps to access your location

    1. Drag the status bar downwards, then tap Icn sony menu settings.
    2. Tap Google > Location settings.
    3. Drag the slider beside Let Google apps access your location to the right.
    NoteYou must be logged into your Google™ account to be able to use location services.

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