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    Using voice control

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    You can use the voice control feature of the Xperia Ear to control your Android device hands-free. Your Xperia Ear uses the Assistant application by default to carry out voice commands. The Assistant responds to your various requests and carries out specific daily tasks.

    The Assistant only supports a limited number of languages. For more information about the Assistant and examples of how to use it, see

    To activate voice control

    1. Press the Assistant/Call key on your Xperia Ear briefly to activate voice control.
    2. After the tone, ask the Assistant a question or give it a command in one of the supported languages. If the Assistant doesn’t recognise your question or command, try rephrasing the sentence. For more information about the Assistant and examples of how to use it, see

    You can select your preferred voice control application in the Xperia Ear application settings.

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