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    I cannot pair the Xperia™ Ear with my device

    Arrow left Xperia Ear support overview
    • Make sure that your Xperia™ Ear is charged and turned on.


      To check the battery level of your Xperia™ Ear

      1. From your application screen, find and tap Xperia™ Ear.
      2. The battery level is displayed.
      While your Xperia™ Ear is in the charging case, the LED indicator on the lid displays its estimated battery level. Another LED located beside the charger's Micro-USB port displays the battery level of the charging case while it is connected to a power outlet.
      Red The battery level is less than 15% and charging.
      Orange The battery level is between 15% and 80% and charging.
      Green The battery level is above 80% and charging.

    • Make sure that you have installed the Xperia™ Ear application on your device and that the application is updated to the latest version.

    • If you are pairing your device using NFC, make sure that NFC is activated and that the screen is active and unlocked.

    • If you are pairing your device using NFC, hold your Xperia™ Ear and the other NFC compatible device so that the NFC detection areas of each device make contact, and then slowly move your device in all directions. The NFC detection area is generally indicated by NFC
logo at the back of the device.

    • In some cases, NFC sensitivity may not be strong enough to connect using NFC. If so, use Bluetooth® to connect the devices.


      To set up your Xperia™ Ear using Bluetooth®

      1. Make sure that your Xperia™ Ear is charged.
      2. Make sure that you have installed or updated the Xperia™ Ear application to the latest version on your device.
      3. Turn on Bluetooth®, then scan for Bluetooth® devices and select XEA10 from the list of available devices.
      4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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