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    Charging your device

    Arrow left Wireless Charging Plate WCH10 support overview

    To charge your device using the Wireless Charging Plate

    Wireless Charging Plate connecting cable

    Wireless Charging Plate charging

    1. Connect the charger to a power supply and plug the charger cable into the charging port.
    2. Place your device on the charging plate. A notification light illuminates for several seconds after the device is properly placed on the plate. Your device then starts to charge.


    To use the charging plate, some phones must be attached to a Qi certified case that supports wireless charging. When your device is charging, do not place anything between it and the charging plate, to avoid interference. Be especially cautious that metal objects don't get in the way. Such objects can overheat and, if touched, they may cause burn injuries.


    The wireless charging receiver of your device is normally located around the battery area, which may not be at the centre of your device. Be aware of this when placing your device on the charging plate. Use the notification light on the charging plate or the charging icon on your device to verify that your device is in the correct position and charging.

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