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    Selecting applications for voice actions

    Arrow left SmartWatch 3 SWR50 support overview

    You can select the applications that you want to use together with voice commands, that is, you can associate specific applications with specific voice-triggered actions. For example, you can select which map application to use for navigation if you have two map applications installed on your phone or tablet and they both work with Android Wear. If only one application is available for a particular type of voice action, that application gets associated by default with the action.

    To associate an application with a voice action

    1. Open the Android Wear application on your Android™ phone or tablet.
    2. Scroll to the card named Jump into action into watch apps, then find and tap MORE ACTIONS and select an action. If an application is already associated with the voice action, it appears when you tap on the action.
    3. If more than one application option appears, select your preferred application.

    If no application name appears when you tap on a voice action, this voice action is not available. You may need to install a compatible application separately, for example, from the list of suggested applications.

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