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    Getting quick answers

    Arrow left SmartWatch 3 SWR50 support overview

    You can use your SmartWatch 3 to get quick answers to simple questions. For example, you can speak to your SmartWatch 3 to get sports scores, look up the definition of a word and ask questions about common facts, for example, the capital city of a particular country or the highest mountain in South America.

    To get a quick answer

    1. Make sure that the home screen is active on your SmartWatch 3.
    2. Say "OK Google". If the command is recognised, the "Speak now" screen opens.
    3. Ask anything that you want to know, for example, "How do you say 'hello' in Spanish?" or "Where was Albert Einstein born?". If your question is recognised, the answer appears on your SmartWatch 3.

    How to phrase your questions

    Things you want to know

    Examples of how to ask

    Sports scores and schedules

    When is the next Liverpool game?

    How did Real Madrid do?


    What is the weather in New York tomorrow?

    Time in another time zone

    What time is it in London?

    Translations for words and phrases

    How do you say "hello" in Spanish?

    Calorie counts in common foods

    How many calories are in a potato?

    Definition of a word

    What does onomatopoeia mean?


    What is Sony's stock price?

    Conversion of currency, volume, weight, and more

    What is 16 ounces in pounds?

    Convert 100 euros to US dollars

    How many kilometres are 50 miles?

    Maths and calculations

    What is the square root of 2209?

    Upcoming events

    When is sunset?

    When is Midsummer Festival in Scandinavia?

    Random facts

    How tall is the Eiffel Tower?

    Where was Albert Einstein born?

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