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    Finding your phone or tablet

    Arrow left SmartWatch 3 SWR50 support overview

    In situations where you cannot locate your phone or tablet, you can use your SmartWatch 3 to make the phone or tablet ring. For this function to work, your SmartWatch 3 must be connected to the phone or tablet using Bluetooth®. It works even when your phone or tablet is set to mute or vibrate only.

    Bluetooth® connections work better within a range of 10 metres (33 feet), with no solid objects in between.

    To find your phone or tablet

    1. Make sure that the home screen is active on your SmartWatch 3.
    2. Swipe once from right to left.
    3. Find and tap Find my phone. If your phone or tablet is detected, it starts to ring repeatly. If not, try to move around to make sure that your SmartWatch 3 is connected via Bluetooth® with the phone or tablet.
    4. To cancel the ringing, tap .

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