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    Configuring SmartTags

    Arrow left SmartTags NT3 support overview

    When you scan a non-configured tag, a guide opens to help configure the tag the first time you scan it. Other tags can come pre-configured with certain information or settings. For example, a tag may be pre-configured to open a web link with information about a certain product or service. Or it can be set to launch certain functions on your device.

    To configure a SmartTag for the first time

    Ill sony salvador pair nfc

    1. Unlock the screen.
    2. Place your device close to the SmartTag so that the device's NFC detection area touches the tag. Your device vibrates and a dialogue box opens.
    3. Select Create new event and follow the instructions to add your desired actions.
    4. Edit the Event name field and tap Finish to complete the event.
    5. Tap Accept in the pop-up dialogue box. Your tag is now saved in the Smart Connect event list as a SmartTag.

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