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    Charging your devices

    Arrow left Dual USB Car Charger AN430 support overview

    To charge a device using the Car Charger

    Dual USB Car Charger connecting cable

    1. Connect the USB Type-C™ connector to the device that you want to charge.
    2. Connect the USB Type-A connector to the USB port of the Car Charger.
    3. Connect the Car Charger power plug to the cigarette lighter socket of a car. The notification light illuminates and remains lit when power is available.
    4. To charge a second device, connect a USB cable to the available USB port of the Car Charger. Connect the other end of the cable to the second device.


    For the Car Charger to function properly, it must be fully inserted into the cigarette lighter socket and in full contact with the anode and cathode connectors.


    In some cars, the ignition must be turned on before power becomes available to the cigarette lighter.

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