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    Take a big bite of Nougat!

    Android™ 7.0 Nougat brings you delicious new functionality and sweet features that will further expand the Android™ universe. With Nougat, you will get things done faster and with minimum battery drain thanks to the improved Doze and STAMINA modes. What’s more, your privacy and personal files are now better protected by new file-based encryption. You will also find an updated phone book with a great new interface – plus the highly sought-after possibility to block phone calls and messages from unwanted numbers.

    Check out the video and read more about the inspiring and great new features of Nougat.

    Split screen in a split second

    Nougat takes multitasking to a whole new level as you can enter a split screen mode with two windows active at the same time. That means one of the many things you can do is to follow detailed instructions in one window and take action in the other. Or maybe listen to music in one window while reading about the artist in the other. You can even drag and drop images and text between the windows. The possibilities are endless! Enter the split screen mode, while running an app, by long pressing the recent apps key to select what other app to run. To return to full screen mode, simply drag the screen divider to the edge of the screen.

    And this is not all! With Nougat you can switch between two apps really quickly. Simply double tap the recent apps key to open the app you used last, and double tap it again to switch back to the first one.

    Ready for action

    Swiping downwards from the top edge of the screen will show your latest notifications and let you act on them right away. You can reply to a message or watch a video directly from a notification, without opening the app. You will also see that notifications in Nougat are bundled together in groups, making it easy to follow a chat conversation or a thread of messages or emails. Just drag down the notification to show all alerts for that particular app.

    Quicker than ever

    Another useful feature is that a single swipe from the top edge of the screen also reveals the first five items from the Quick Settings menu. And better still, you yourself get to decide which five. Tapping the expand icon will show the full Quick Settings menu, where you can tap Edit to add, remove and rearrange your items by dragging and dropping them in any order that you want. Simply long press any of the icons and you’ll be taken directly to the individual settings pane of that item.

    Always there for you

    Speaking of swiping, a single swipe from the left end of the home screen will take you to a pane acting as your personal assistant and display information just when you need it. It could be info about the weather, your next appointment, the traffic situation or even where you parked your car.

    Note that if you upgrade to Nougat from a previous Android™ version you might need to enable this feature through your home screen settings.

    Tip! A swipe downwards from the centre of the screen doesn’t only let you search for apps on your device – it will also recommend of new and interesting apps to install.

    Setting things straight

    Have you ever made a temporary setting on your device and then forgotten all about it, only to later wonder why some features don’t seem to work as they did before? Well, with Nougat that’s not a problem. When you open the Settings app you will find reminders like “Airplane mode is on”, “STAMINA mode is on”, or “Mobile data is off”. By tapping a reminder you can turn the feature back on or off again, without opening the app.

    The Settings app also offers you suggestions for various settings and features you might want. It could be things like setting up an email account or adding a screen lock for your device. Tapping a suggestion will open the proper settings pane or app to set up the feature as you want it.

    Have it your way

    If you are familiar with previous versions of Android™ you already know that you can customise your device in just about any way you want. You can set everything from sound alerts and ringtones to the font size used on the display. You can use themes and choose to have different wallpapers on your home screen and lock screen. With Nougat you can also change the display size to make everything on the screen smaller or larger. Make your device just as personal as you want it to be!

    The availability of software updates depends on your device, country and/or operator. Please note that regardless of Android™ version some features and functionality may also differ depending on your device.

    To see your current software version, updates and upcoming software releases, visit the software page on the Sony Mobile support site.

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