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    Playing music

    Arrow left Smart Bluetooth® Speaker BSP60 support overview

    When you play music from your Android™ device on the Smart Bluetooth® Speaker, you can use either the controls on the speaker or the Android™ device to manage the playback of your music. You can also launch the playback using voice control. For more information about the Voice Control application and supported functions, go to

    To launch music playback using voice controls

    1. Make sure the Voice Control application is launched.
    2. Say "play" and then say the name of the song or album.

    To launch music playback by tapping

    • Tap Control light 1.


    You can also launch the music playback directly on your Android™ device.

    To pause music during playback

    • Push down one of the speaker covers.


    You can also pause the music in the music player application on your Android™ device.

    To adjust the volume

    • Tap Control light 3 to increase or tap Control light 4 to decrease the volume.


    You can also adjust the volume using the volume controls on your Android™ device.


    Make sure the volume level is moderate on your Android™ device before you connect to the Smart Bluetooth® Speaker.

    To play the next or previous track

    • Tap Control light 1 and then tap Control light 3 to play the next song or Control light 4 to play the previous song.


    You can also use the controls in the music player application on your Android™ device.

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