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    Guidelines for using the "Dance with music" action

    Arrow left Smart Bluetooth® Speaker BSP60 support overview

    When the "Dance with music" action is enabled, avoid using the Smart Bluetooth® Speaker in the following environments:

    • Uneven places or unstable places subject to vibrations

    • Slippery surfaces

    • Thick carpets

    • Soft surfaces, such as bedding

    • Places subject to soil, sand, or dust

    • Wet places with water or oil present

    • Outdoors

    • Inside cars


    To avoid the Smart Bluetooth® Speaker from dropping to the ground from a higher surface or getting otherwise damaged when you use the "Dance with music" action, make sure that the device has a total available free space around it of 30 cm squared. The Smart Bluetooth® Speaker normally goes back to its original position after a “Dance with music” routine. Note, however, that the Smart Bluetooth® Speaker does not go back to its original position if you perform any action during the routine that uses the Smart Bluetooth® Speaker directly, for example, if you stop music playback by pushing down one of the speaker covers. The Smart Bluetooth® Speaker device is not equipped with an anti-drop sensor. Also, make sure that no USB cable is connected.

    Ill sony croft space requirement

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