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    Volume, vibration and sound

    Arrow left Xperia XZ1 Compact support overview

    The volume and vibration can be changed either by using the volume keys or by changing a setting. Sounds and tones can only be changed from a setting.

    App settings can override the selected volume, vibration and sound settings.

    Volume and vibration

    You can change the ring, media, alarm, and call volumes. Additionally, you can set your device to vibrate Ringer vibrate icon. The ring and notification volume Sound on icon affects notifications, the call volume call volume icon affects calls and the media volume Media volume icon affects music, videos, games and other media. For example, if you change the volume while watching a video, the media volume is changed. The alarm volume is indicated with Alarm notification icon.

    To change the volume

    1. Press the volume key up or down. This changes the media volume.
    2. To change the ring, notification, or alarm volumes, tap Settings icon. Use each slider to adjust the volume.

    Tap a volume icon to quickly turn the volume on or off.

    To activate vibrating mode

    1. Press the volume key up or down.
    2. Tap the icon displayed above the slider one or more times until Ringer vibrate icon appears.

    To activate sound with vibration for incoming calls

    1. Find and tap Settings > Sound.
    2. Tap the Also vibrate for calls slider to enable the function.

    Sounds and tones

    To set the ringtone

    1. Find and tap Settings > Sound > Phone ringtone.
    2. Select an option from the list or tap Add ringtone and select a music file that is saved on your device.
    3. To confirm, tap OK.

    To set a specific ringtone for a contact, see Adding and editing contacts.

    To set the notification sound

    1. Find and tap Settings > Sound > Notification sound.
    2. Select a sound from the list or select None to turn off all notification sounds and set your notifications to vibrate only.
    3. To select a music file that is saved on your device, tap Add ringtone.
    4. To confirm, tap OK.

    You can change your app settings to allow a sound from a specific app even when the notification sound is set to None . See Notifications.

    To enable or disable other sounds and tones

    1. Find and tap Settings > Sound > Advanced.
    2. Tap the sliders to enable or disable the different sounds and tones.

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