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Storage and memory

Your device has several different storage and memory options:

  • The internal storage stores downloaded or transferred content along with personal settings and data.
  • You can use a removable memory card to get more storage space. Media files can be moved to this type of memory to free up internal storage.
  • The dynamic memory (RAM) cannot be used for storage. RAM is used to handle running applications and the operating system.

You can purchase a memory card separately.

Improving memory performance

Your device memory tends to fill up as a result of normal usage. If the device starts to slow down, or applications suddenly shut down, you should consider the following:

  • Always try to keep at least 500 MB of free internal storage available.
  • Close running applications that you are not using.
  • Clear the cache memory for all applications.
  • Uninstall downloaded applications that you don't use.
  • Transfer photos, videos and music from the internal memory to the memory card.
  • If your device can't read content on the memory card, you may need to format the card. Note that when you format the card, all content is erased.

If you are sharing a device with multiple users, you must log in as the owner, that is, the primary user, to be able to perform certain actions, such as transferring data to the memory card and formatting the memory card.

To view the memory status

  • Find and tap Settings > Storage.

To clear the cache memory for all applications

  1. Find and tap Settings > Storage.
  2. Tap Other apps, then tap the desired application.

When you clear the cache memory, you don't lose any important information or settings.

To transfer media files to the memory card

  1. Make sure you have a memory card inserted into your device.
  2. Find and tap Settings > Storage > Transfer data to SD card.
  3. Mark the files that you want to transfer to the memory card.
  4. Tap Transfer.

To stop applications and services from running

  1. Find and tap Settings > Apps & notifications.
  2. Select an application or service, then tap FORCE STOP > OK.

To format the memory card

  1. Find and tap Settings > Storage.
  2. Tap SD card > Menu icon, then tap Storage settings > Format, then perform formatting on the next confirmation dialog.

All content on the memory card gets erased when you format it. Make sure you first make backups of all data that you want to save. To back up your content, you can copy it to a computer. For more information, see Managing files using a computer.

Smart cleaner

Using Smart cleaner you can improve device performance by automatically optimising storage and memory depending on frequency of app use.

To enable or disable Smart cleaner

  1. Find and tap Settings > Xperia Assist > Smart cleaner.
  2. Tap the slider beside Use Smart cleaner.

You can also modify, copy or delete files manually if you find and tap Files application.

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On your Xperia™ device, go to Settings > About phone/tablet > Model number