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    My Battery Runs Out Quickly

    • Disable all data connections over mobile networks to save power when you're not using the internet. Doing so does not prevent your device from transmitting data over other wireless networks.

      To turn data traffic on or off

      1. Find and tap Settings > Network & Internet > Data usage .
      2. Tap the Mobile data slider to turn data traffic on or off.

      When data traffic is turned off, your device can still establish ‎Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

    • Turn off GPS, Bluetooth®, and Wi-Fi connections when you don't need these features.
    • Increase the synchronization interval for your email, calendar, and contacts.

      To change the inbox check frequency

      1. Find and tap Email .
      2. Tap , then tap Settings .
      3. Select an account.
      4. Tap Check frequency > Check frequency and select an option.
    • Keep track of your battery consumption and see which applications are using the most power.

      To review and reduce your battery consumption

      1. Find and tap Settings > Battery to view the estimated remaining battery percentage and battery time.
      2. Tap Advanced to view a list of applications and features that have consumed battery power since the last charging cycle.
      3. Tap an item to get information on how to reduce its battery consumption.
      1. Find and tap Settings > Apps & notifications > App info .
      2. Select an application and review its battery consumption under Battery .
    • Close and exit applications that you are not using.
    • Lower the screen brightness level.

      To adjust the screen brightness manually regardless of lighting condition

      1. Find and tap Settings > Display and tap the Adaptive brightness slider to disable this function, if it is not already disabled.
      2. Tap Brightness level .
      3. Drag the slider to adjust the brightness.
    • If your device is connected to an external screen, turn off the screen on your device.

      To turn off your device's screen when an external screen is connected

      1. Find and tap Settings > Device connection .
      2. Drag the slider beside Keep your device's screen on to the left.
    • Turn off your device or activate Airplane mode if you are in an area with no network coverage. Otherwise, your device repeatedly scans for available networks, and this consumes power.

      To turn on Airplane mode

      1. Find and tap Settings > Network & Internet .
      2. Drag the slider beside Airplane mode to the right.
    • Use an original headset from Sony to listen to music. A headset consumes less battery power than the device’s loudspeakers.
    • Disable any live wallpaper.
    • Update your device to ensure that you have optimal performance and the latest enhancements. Read more about how to update and find the latest software version.
    • Perform a factory data reset. This is sometimes the best solution if your device stops functioning properly, but note that it will delete all personal content saved on the internal memory of your device. Be sure to back up data you want to keep.

      To back up your data using a computer

      1. Be sure that Xperia™ Companion is installed on your PC or Mac®.
      2. Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.
      3. Computer: Open the Xperia™ Companion software if it is not automatically launched. After a few moments, the computer detects your device.
      4. Make sure that the USB connection mode on your Xperia™ device is set to Transfer files .
      5. Select Backup on the Xperia™ Companion main screen and follow the on-screen instructions.

      To avoid permanent damage to your device, do not interrupt a factory data reset procedure.

      1. Back up any important data that is saved on the internal memory of your device to a memory card or other non-internal memory. If you have any encrypted files stored on an SD card, you should also remove the encryption to ensure you can still access them after the reset.
      2. Find and tap Settings > System > Reset .
      3. Tap Factory data reset > Reset phone .
      4. If required, draw your screen unlock pattern or enter your screen unlock password or PIN to continue.
      5. To confirm, tap Erase everything .

      Your device does not revert to an earlier software version of Android when you perform a factory data reset.

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    On your Xperia™ device, go to Settings > About phone/tablet > Model number
    FindCreated with Sketch.
    On your Xperia™ device, go to Settings > About phone/tablet > Model number