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Listening to music

Use the Music application to listen to your favourite music.

Music player overview

Music player overview

1 Minimise the full screen player
2 Search all songs saved to your device
3 View the play queue
4 View menu options
5 Album art (if available)
6 Add or remove a song as a favourite
7 Elapsed time of current song
8 Add a song to a playlist
9 Progress indicator – drag or tap along the line to fast-forward or rewind
10 Length of current song
11 Repeat the current song or all songs in the play queue
12 Tap to go to the next song, touch and hold to fast-forward the current song
13 Play or pause a song
14 Tap to go to the previous song, touch and hold to rewind the current song
15 Shuffle songs in the play queue

Music home screen

Music home screen

1 Tap Options icon to open the Music menu
2 Scroll up or down to view content
3 Tap to start playing a song in the play queue
4 Play all songs in shuffle mode
5 Go to the music player screen

To play a song using the Music application

  1. Find and tap Music icon.
  2. Tap Options icon.
  3. Select a music category.
  4. Tap a song to play it.

You might not be able to play copyright-protected items. Make sure that you have the necessary rights for the content you wish to use.

To edit music information and download album art

  1. While a song is playing in the Music application, tap the album art in the music player screen and then tap Edit music info.
  2. Edit the information as desired.
  3. To set or download album art, tap Edit contact icon, then select an option.
  4. When you are finished, tap Save.

    You can also set album art to download automatically in the Music menu, under Settings.

To adjust the audio volume

  • Press the volume key up or down.

To minimise the Music application

  • When a song is playing, tap Home icon to go to the Home screen. The Music application keeps running in the background.

To open the Music application when it is playing in the background

  • While a song is playing in the background, drag the status bar downwards and tap the Music notification.
  • Alternatively, find and tap Music icon.
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On your Xperia™ device, go to Settings > About phone/tablet > Model number