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    Conference calls

    Arrow left Xperia T3 support overview

    With a conference or multiparty call, you can have a joint conversation with two or more persons.


    For details about the number of participants that you can add to a conference call, contact your network operator.

    To make a conference call

    1. During an ongoing call, tap Icn sony dialpad.
    2. Dial the number of the second participant and tap Icn sony btn detail call. The first participant is put on hold.
    3. Tap Icn sony call conference to add the second participant to the conference call.
    4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to add more call participants.

    To have a private conversation with a conference call participant

    1. During an ongoing conference call, tap {0} participants.
    2. Tap the telephone number of the participant with whom you want to talk privately.
    3. To end the private conversation and return to the conference call, tap Icn sony call conference.

    To release a participant from a conference call

    1. During an ongoing conference call, tap the button showing the number of participants. For example, tap 3 participants if there are three participants.
    2. Tap Icn sony call ongoing hangup next to the participant you want to release.

    To end a conference call

    • During the conference call, tap End conference call.

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