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    Computer tool

    Arrow left Xperia T3 support overview

    Xperia™ Companion is available to help you connect your device to a computer and manage content, such as camera and multimedia content, browse files on your device, and manage your device’s software.

    Xperia™ Companion

    Xperia™ Companion is a computer software with a collection of tools and applications you can use when you connect your device to a computer. With Xperia™ Companion, you can:

    • Update or repair your device’s software.
    • Transfer your content from an old device using Xperia™ Transfer.
    • Back up and restore content on your computer.
    • Sync multimedia content – camera content, music and playlists between your device and computer.
    • Browse files on your device.

    To use Xperia™ Companion, you need an Internet-connected computer running one of the following operating systems:

    • Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later
    • Mac OS® X 10.8 or later

    Learn more and download Xperia™ Companion for Windows or Xperia™ Companion for Mac.

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