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    People, selfies and smiling faces

    Arrow left Xperia L3 support overview

    Faces in focus are indicated with a coloured frame.

    Image of taking a group selfie

    Taking photos and videos of people

    • Consider the camera orientation. Use portrait for close-up photos, to fill the frame. Use landscape for close-up group photos, or to capture an object in the background.
    • Place the camera on a solid surface and use the self-timer to prevent blurred photos.

    To take a selfie

    1. When using the camera, select a photo or video capturing mode for your selfie.
    2. Tap (Switch camera icon) to activate the front camera.
    3. Tap (Settings icon) > Self-timer if you want to use the self-timer.
    4. Close the settings menu. The setting is saved for the capturing mode selected.
    5. Tap the shutter button to take a selfie.

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