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    Messaging settings

    Arrow left Xperia L3 support overview

    You can change message notification settings and select whether to enable message delivery reports.

    To change your message notification settings

    1. Find and tap (Messages icon).
    2. Tap (Menu icon), then tap Settings.
    3. Dual SIM users, tap General.
    4. To set a notification sound, tap Notifications > Sound, then select an option or tap (Add icon) and select a music file that is saved on your device.
    5. To confirm, tap OK.
    6. To adjust additional notification settings, tap the switches.

    To enable or disable delivery reports for outgoing messages

    1. Find and tap (Messages icon).
    2. Tap (Menu icon), then tap Settings.
    3. Dual SIM users, select a SIM card. Single SIM users, tap Advanced.
    4. Tap the Get SMS delivery reports switch to enable or disable the function.


    After delivery reports are turned on, the text “Delivered” is displayed for messages that have been successfully delivered.

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