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    Favourites and groups

    Arrow left Xperia E4g support overview

    Contacts that you mark as favourites appear under the favourites tab in the Contacts application along with your most frequently called contacts or "top contacts". This way you get quicker access to these contacts. You can also assign contacts to groups, to get quicker access to a group of contacts from within the Contacts application.

    To mark or unmark a contact as a favorite

    1. From the Home screen, tap Icn sony home apptray normal, then tap Icn sony app phonebook.
    2. Tap the contact you want to add to or remove from your favorites.
    3. Tap Icn sony infiniteview favorite btn.

    To view your favourite contacts and top contacts

    1. From your Home screen, tap Application screen icon in Sony Smartphones, then tap Icn sony app phonebook.
    2. Tap Icn sony infiniteview favorite action btn.

    To assign a contact to a group

    1. In the Contacts application, tap the contact that you want to assign to a group.
    2. Tap Icn sony infiniteview optionmenu edit contact, then tap the bar directly under Groups.
    3. Mark the checkboxes for the groups to which you want to add the contact.
    4. Tap Done.

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