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    Using Side sense

    Arrow left Xperia 10 support overview

    The Side sense bar makes it easier to use your device with one hand. You can display the Side sense menu by double-tapping the Side sense bar on the edge of the screen, or return to the previous screen by sliding your finger across the screen. Make sure to tap or slide your finger within the Side sense bar.

    Diagram of the effective area for the side sensor


    Side sense is unavailable in certain situations, such as when Ultra STAMINA mode is activated, or when the screen view is in landscape orientation.

    Side sense settings

    To return to the previous screen using the side sensor

    Diagram of sliding your finger up or down the longer edge of the screen.

    • Slide your finger up or down along the Side sense bar to return to the previous screen.

    To turn Side sense on or off

    1. Find and tap Settings > Display > Advanced.
    2. Tap Side sense.
    3. Tap the switch to enable or disable the function.

    Side sense settings

    Side sense menu

    Select the Side sense menu layout and whether to show the menu on the lock screen.

    Side sense bar sensitivity

    Adjust how to interact with the Side sense bar.

    Configure Side sense bar

    Tap Sensor enabled to select whether to use Side sense on one or both sides of the screen. Tap the Disable Side sense temporarily switch to disable the function temporarily. Use each slider to adjust the length, transparency, and position of the Side sense bar.

    Navigate back

    Select if you want to use the Side sense bar to return to the previous screen.

    Select apps that work with gestures

    Set which applications to use with Side sense.

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