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    Setting the right focus

    Arrow left Xperia 10 support overview

    The camera automatically sets the focus and detects faces in all capturing modes. It can also detect and track a moving object. A yellow frame indicates the face or moving object that is in focus.

    You can tap the screen to focus on a specific area, or set a specific focus distance. These options are only available for the main camera and depend on the capturing mode selected.

    Image of setting the focus

    To set the focus distance

    1. When using the main camera, tap Mode > Manual mode icon (Manual mode icon).
    2. Tap (Set focus icon).
    3. Drag the slider to adjust the focus distance.
    4. Close the settings menu. The setting is saved.
    5. Tap the shutter button to take a photo.


      This setting is only available for the main camera.

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