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    Portrait selfie

    Arrow left Xperia 10 support overview

    Portrait selfie allows you to take better-looking selfies.

    Portrait selfie overview

    Bokeh icon


    Applies a blurring effect around the person

    Soft skin icon

    Soft Skin

    Softens skin tones

    Skin brightness icon

    Skin brightness

    Brightens skin tones

    Eye enlargement icon

    Eye enlargement

    Enlarges eyes

    Slender face icon

    Slender face

    Makes your face look slimmer

    To take a selfie with Portrait selfie

    1. When using the camera, tap Mode > Portrait selfie mode icon (Portrait selfie icon).
    2. Tap the icon for the effect you want to apply, and drag the slider to adjust the effect. If desired, adjust the other effects in the same way.
    3. Tap the shutter button to take a photo.


    You can save your portrait in the same direction as the preview by tapping (Mirroring icon) > On.

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