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    Arrow left Xperia 10 support overview
    Diagram of front view showing each part by number. Upper part, from left to right, 1 to 6. Right side, from top to bottom, 7 to 9. Bottom side, from right to left, 10 to 12.
    1 Headset jack
    2 Charging/Notification light
    3 Second microphone
    4 Ear speaker
    5 Proximity/Light sensor
    6 Front camera
    7 Power key
    8 Fingerprint sensor
    9 Volume/Zoom key
    10 Speaker
    11 USB port/Charger
    12 Primary microphone
    Diagram of rear view showing each part by number. Upper area, 13. Upper center area, from top to bottom, 14 to 16. Right side, top, 17. Bottom area, 18.
    13 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth®/GPS antenna
    14 Flash LED
    15 Dual camera
    16 NFC™ detection area
    17 Nano SIM/Memory card slot
    18 Main antenna

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