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    Getting to know your camera

    Arrow left Xperia 10 support overview

    Image showing where each function is located on the camera screen in the landscape orientation.  Upper left area, 1 to 4. Upper side of the device, 5. Right area from top to bottom, 6 to 11. Lower left area from right to left, 12 to 15.

    1 Front camera lens
    2 Switch between the front and main camera
    3 Camera settings
    4 Save your location
    5 Use the volume keys to zoom in or out
    6 Tap the thumbnail to view, share, or edit photos and videos
    7 Switch between taking photos and videos
    8 Use the shutter button to take photos or record videos
    9 Go back or exit the camera
    10 Select a capturing mode
    11 Shortcut to the capturing mode last selected
    12 Self-timer
    13 Flash settings
    14 Select an aspect ratio
    15 Colour and brightness

    Basic camera tips

    • Make sure the lens is clean. A fingerprint or a little dirt can diminish photo quality.
    • Use the self-timer when you need extra time to prepare, or to avoid blurred photos.
    • Check your device’s memory status often. High-resolution photos and videos consume more memory.

    To launch the camera

    • Swipe (Camera icon) from the lock screen.
    • Tap Camera icon (Camera icon) from the Application screen.
    • Press the power key twice. Tap Settings > System > Power key behaviour > Launch camera switch to enable this function.

    Shutter button

    The shutter button is used differently depending on the capturing mode and activated features.

    Shutter button overview

    Capture button

    Take a photo

    Start button

    Record a video/Resume recording

    Pause button

    Pause a video

    Stop button

    Stop recording a video

    Self-timer on icon

    Self-timer is activated

    Touch capture on icon

    Touch capture is activated

    Touch capture and Self-timer on icon

    Touch capture and Self-timer are activated

    To change the aspect ratio

    1. While using the camera, tap (Aspect ratio icon).
    2. Select a setting.

    To adjust the camera settings

    1. While using the camera, tap (Settings icon).
    2. Swipe the list to view the available settings and select a setting.
    Image of the camera settings


    Available settings depend on the capturing mode selected.

    To view, share or edit photos and videos

    1. When using the camera, tap the thumbnail to open a photo or video.
    2. Swipe left or right to view your photos and videos.
    3. Tap the screen to edit a photo or video.


    Your photos and videos are stored in the Album application. See Viewing photos and videos for more options.

    Capturing modes

    You can select capturing modes by tapping Mode.


    Available settings depend on the capturing mode selected.

    Capturing modes overview

    The following are some of the main capturing modes.

    Portrait selfie mode icon

    Portrait selfie

    Take better-looking selfies

    Bokeh icon


    Take photos with a blurred effect

    Slow motion mode icon

    Slow motion

    Add a slow-motion effect after recording a video

    AR effect icon

    AR effect

    Take photos with virtual scenes and characters

    Manual mode icon


    Take photos with manually adjusted camera settings

    Creative effect icon

    Creative effect

    Take photos with effects and colour filters

    Panorama icon


    Take wide-angle and panoramic photos

    To switch between taking photos and videos

    • While using the camera, swipe the screen to select a photo or video mode.

    To select a capturing mode

    • When using the camera, tap Mode and select a capturing mode.

    To switch between the main and front camera

    • When using the camera, tap (Switch camera icon) to switch between the main and front camera.


    You can also switch between cameras by swiping down the camera screen.

    To use the zoom

    • Pinch in or out on the camera screen.
    • Use the volume key.


    If you zoom in three or more times, this can affect image quality. Instead, take the photo without zoom, then crop it.

    To take a photo

    • Tap the shutter button.

    To record a video

    1. When using the camera, swipe the screen to select Record video icon (Record icon).
    2. Tap the shutter button to start or stop recording.

    To take a photo by tapping the screen

    1. When using the camera, tap (Settings icon), then tap Touch capture > On or Front camera only.
    2. Close the settings menu. The setting is saved in all capturing modes.
    3. Tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo.


    This feature can also be used for videos.

    To take a photo when recording a video

    • When recording a video, tap Camera onscreen icon (Camera icon). The photo is taken as soon as you release the shutter button.


    Use the Self-timer to get more time to prepare for a photo. It also helps to keep your device steady and avoid blurred photos.

    To use the Self-timer with the main camera

    1. While using the camera, tap Self timer icon (Self-timer icon) and select a delay time.
    2. Tap the shutter button to take a photo. A series of beeps marks the countdown until the photo is taken.

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