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    Hardware overview

    Arrow left Stereo Bluetooth® Headset SBH70 support overview
    Ill ross overview
    1 Notification light

    Red light: 5%-15% battery level.

    Orange light: 15%-50% battery level.

    Green light: 50%-100% battery level.

    Flashing blue light: headset is in pairing mode.

    Flashing purple light: a call is coming in.

    2 Power key Icn key renoir on off

    Press and hold down to turn the headset on or off.

    When the headset is on, briefly press to show a notification light indicating battery level.

    3 NFC detection area

    Touch other devices to this area during NFC pairing.

    4 Call key/Music key Icn ross function key

    Press to answer incoming calls.

    Press and hold down to reject incoming calls.

    Press to play or pause the current track.

    5 Microphone  
    6 Volume up key Icn key renoir vol up

    Press to turn up the volume.

    7 Volume down key Icn key renoir vol down

    Press to turn down the volume.

    8 Micro USB port

    Insert the cable for charging the battery.

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