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    Arrow left SmartBand 2 support overview

    Your SmartBand 2 is a companion product that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth® with Android™ devices. Worn on your dominant wrist, it can monitor your body movements and interact with your Android™ device to generate data about your daily life and habits. For example, the SmartBand 2 counts your steps and records data about your physical state while you sleep, walk or run.

    Your SmartBand 2 is a device you can wear everyday and features a sensor that monitors your pulse and helps determine your heart rate. Together with the Lifelog application, you can set personal goals and then track your progress in a comprehensive and easily viewable format. When used with a compatible Android™ device, you can use the SmartBand 2 to receive notifications and manage your alarms and phone calls.

    Before you can get started using your SmartBand 2, you must download the SmartBand 2 application and set up the accessory to work with your phone or tablet. Refer to the relevant setup information for more details. Also, remember that your Android™ device must run the Android™ software version 4.4 or higher and support the Bluetooth® version 4.0 profile.

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