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    Battery status

    Arrow left Stereo Bluetooth® Headset SBH80 support overview

    You can view an estimate of how much time is left before the battery of your headset runs out after you have connected it with a compatible device. You can view the battery status information from the Notification panel of the connected device, or from the Smart Connect application installed on the connected device. The Smart Connect application works on Android™ devices, and it is pre-installed on all Android™ devices from Sony Mobile at purchase. Make sure you have installed the latest version of Smart Connect application on your Android™ device from Google Play™.

    To view the estimated battery time from the Notification panel

    • Drag the status bar downwards, the estimated battery time is shown on the Notification panel.

    To view the estimated battery time from the Smart Connect application

    1. From the Home screen of your Android™ device, tap Icn sony home apptray normal, then find and tap Smart Connect.
    2. Tap Devices > SBH80.

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