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How can I view backed up contacts on my computer?


  • I used Xperia Companion to back up contacts from my Xperia phone to a computer, but I cannot view the contacts. How can it be solved? 
  • I have an existing backup of contacts on my computer. How can I view the content? 
  • How can I view contacts backed up from my Xperia phone on my computer?

Valid for

  • Contacts backed up from an Xperia device using the Backup option in Xperia Companion.


It is not possible to view an existing backup file done by Xperia Companion directly on your computer. However, contacts which were backed up from your Xperia device can be transferred to your Google account and viewed from there.

To transfer contacts from an existing backup to your Google account

  1. Open Xperia Companion on your computer and select Xperia Transfer > Next.
  2. Select source device Sony > Next.
  3. Select Select backup > Next.
  4. Choose your backup file > Next
  5. Enter password if required > OK.
  6. Uncheck all check boxes except Contacts > Next.
  7. Select Xperia + Google™ > Next.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to log in to your Google account.  
The contacts will be transferred to your Google account, and you can view them at
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